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Hire The Lounge Bar for Free

Catering for up to 120 guests, our classic Lounge Bar is a genuine 1930s, Grade 2 Listed Saloon. It still has its original parquet flooring, barrel ceiling and Gin Bar and it’s an architectural gem since its restoration several years ago.

Buffet Options

We offer you a range of buffet options from nibbles in bowls, the classic sandwiches and sausage rolls spread to a hot & cold finger buffet.

Click on the downloadable PDF on this page.  This is the menu and buffet order form.

Viewing and booking Event  25th March

Come and enjoy a free drink and a small buffet with us on our viewing day when we’ll have the diary open and be happy to reserve your dates.

Either drop in at your leisure, or if you prefer, book a casual no obligation appointment through Private Message.
Alternatively give Poppy a call on 07568 549 301
Open Day is Sunday 25th February- 1pm until 3pm

What's the deal?  

Hiring The Lounge Bar works out free once you fill it with enough guests.

To book the room for either Friday or Saturday we require a £250 reservation fee up front before we can reserve that date for you.

If  this is paid to us in cash then it will be refunded to you on the evening - in cash - as soon the £1000 mark has been reached on our till.

To book the Lounge Bar on other days of the week, when we obviously have less demand, we are more flexible on that £1000 target, however, a smaller reservation fee of £100 will still be needed and the refund shall be given once the Lounge Bar has recorded sales of £500

If a reservation fee is paid to us as an electric payment of some sort, it shall be refunded, by the same method within the next day or two.

All buffet catering must be paid for up front and in full, either at the same time as the deposit is paid or at least one week before the event.

Book The Lounge Bar For Your Event


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